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Cujo dating

And I appreciate all of the support around the world, which has been overwhelming." Pintauro and Tabares both reside in Las Vegas, where Pintauro works as a restaurant manager.

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Our friends and family are absolutely amazing and have been completely supportive.Although this movie is very different from the books, I found myself enjoying many of the changes.The violence isn't that bad if you aren't too squeamish, but might be too scary for kids around 10-12.That doesn’t mean ’s not horrifying; the slow degeneration of a beloved dog due to rabies is both heartbreaking and terrifying.And whatever condition King was in when writing the book, the end result is a compelling piece of fiction that remains one of his most popular stories. The hyphen in the novel’s title is not a mistake; the title isn’t meant to convey “please, Lassie, come home” but rather refers to a deceptive practice engaged in by sketchy breeders.I think people are going to be very pleased with both that and The Dark Tower.

I’m very fortunate that these two movies are opening only weeks apart, and both are very good.” We'll have much more on The Dark Tower leading up to its August 4th release.

Keep an eye out for Cujo in New York City.” For those who don't know, Cujo is the titular rabid St. Shifting gears a bit, I asked King about things that are notably absent from this film, particularly the trio of Eddie, Susannah, and Oy.

While King was passionate about how much he loved this cinematic adaptation of his work after seeing an early screening, he did reply, “I miss them. They’re my friends from many adventures and many happy hours creating these stories.

In such, The Dark Tower acts as a nexus of King's works -- it pulls in elements of everything from The Stand and Insomnia, to Salem's Lot and The Shining.

We recently sat down with Stephen King and discussed everything from his love of the casting choices, to his thoughts on the recent rise of cinematic universes. But there were still a few things we talked about that related to the past, present, and future of The Dark Tower.

Other writers, no doubt, look on with intense jealousy at a man who can write such a great novel under such conditions, but what’s remarkable about is in the story—considering that being a horror writer was King’s main claim to fame at the time.