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One method of displaying or labeling those entities is by using Map Annotation Blocks or use FDO.But what if you need something quick and as plain text?

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To all my followers and readers the time has come to closed the web log.So most of the time I would get my sale reps in those areas to set up visits with other customers in the area to make the best use of my time.Not the trouble was finding the customers in the area that may be Geospatial or Map users.(Right Click and select Properties to open the property palette.) This is where we tell it to display the values from the Object Data table.Select the Value- Text Label to show the ellipsis icon (the 3 dots) Click on the icon to open the Expression Chooser.For how long is unknown and I have no idea if I will post again to it.

It’s been a while since I had employment working with Auto CAD MAP3D or Civil3D so I’ll hang up the closed sign for now.

It’s a simple parcel map imported from an SHP file and object data was created on the import.

What I need is to label each parcel from that object data with the Watershed1 value.

We now have another object in the Display Manager under the “Current Drawing Element” layer named “Text Style”.

Highlight the “Text Style” in the Display Manager and look at the properties of it in the property palette.

It’s been a good run and I hope I was able to help some Map3D users over the year and pointed everyone in the right direction.