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Dating link message optional url

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If a subscriber has received this failure message, they are trying to post from an unauthorized address.

The ezmlm-moderate failure message usually provides details of what happened to the original message, and the mailing list logs can also be examined through the Mail Delivery Logs tool.List users must use forms available on the Web site to subscribe or unsubscribe.If the list isn't visible, even when logged in, contact an administrator.File size limits help prevent slowdowns that occur when servers transfer large files..especially when servers transfer large numbers of large files, which is what happens when messages with large attachments are posted to a mailing list.The ideal approach is to place the attachment on a server, then send a link in the email so those who want to download the file can download it from the file server. It is worth mentioning that it is because you cannot really use the -d/--data option if this is not a POST request.

But this is still possible if you use the -G option.

In circumstances where this approach isn't feasible, contact administrators to see if file size limits can be raised temporarily, with the understanding that this will have some adverse affect on server performance and mail deliver rates.

A spam filter has classified the message as spam and rejected it. Spam is difficult to detect because it can take so many forms, so spam filters must use a broad set of criteria to identify potential spam, and in the process, misclassify a significant percentage of messages. If your system is properly protected by anti-virus software, the attachment will already have been disabled anyway.

If you aren't sure any of the statements fit, see How to Use the Email Troubleshooting Flowcharts for a list of other problem statements and flowcharts.

Automated messages aren't as standardized as you might expect.

The first step in problem solving is to be sure you have correctly identified the problem.