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Updating to 3 80 m33

So here it is again: Putting rent up 3 days before signing a contract of renewal with no notice, and threatening to evict by Monday (this was on a Friday) if the increased rent wasn't agreed to and a new contract signed, at the standard 'admin fee' of £100 to sign a generic contract.

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It was a pleasure to work with you both through this process.I will start by saying I would not recommend Northwood.We chose Northwood because they seemed to be the most professional agency out the few we met.I've never met anyone as rude and disrespectful as him all my life. He has single handedly; with a little help from Chloe, guaranteed that I will never use this agency again.I have made formal complaint which magically disappeared, which makes me questions Northwood as a whole.I wanted to explore various options, Daniel explained the pros and cons (for both parties) in a thorough manner, which showed off just how well he knows his profession.

Northwood have been very prompt and efficient in all matters relating to the property, keeping me fully informed of everything ...

During World War II, it was the main combat helmet of the Italian Army, but lack of resources meant that some second-line troops were issued the Adrian helmet, or even no helmet at all.

It continued to serve as the main combat helmet of the Esercito Italiano until the 1990s.

Within the first week there was a gas leak from three parts of the pipe. We were selling the family home and we were very happy with the service provided by Daniel and Chloe.

We achieved way above the asking price and a sale was agreed very quickly.

Jason Kron worked tirelessly on our behalf to overcome the issues we faced and we're in and delighted with our purchase. Definitely not the most straight forward sale but we got there in the end! Very quick to get the property on the market and gave good advice on asking price.