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Sandara and hero dating

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For a love team to work, the pair has to have undeniable chemistry.Even if both artists have talent and good looks, if they do not complement each other perfectly, it is highly unlikely that the public will buy into their pairing.

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Ang mga kaduda-dudang materyal tungkol sa mga nabubuhay na tao na walang sanggunian o may mahinang uri ng sanggunian ay dapat tanggalin kaagad.Undoubtedly, one of the most successful young love teams in local showbiz that had bankable chemistry on the get go was the Hero Angeles and Sandara Park tandem.At the height of their popularity, they had the power to send legions of fans swooning at their presence, drive TV show ratings to the top of the chart, and rake in record sales in the box-office.Si Sandara Park (ipanganak, 박산다라, 12 Nobyembre 1984 sa Busan, Timog Korea) ay isang artistang Koreana na sumikat sa Pilipinas dahil sa pagsali sa Star Circle Quest, isang reality-based na palabas sa telebisyon ng ABS-CBN na layon na maghanap ng mga bagong talento.Sa kasalukuyan, miembro siya ng isang bandang kababaihan na 2NE1 na dala ang palayaw bilang Dara.The phenomenon that is #Hero San started in 2004 when the pair joined ABS-CBN's popular reality star search Hero came out as the big winner with Sandara as the runner-up.

Unfortunately, the twosome was short lived, as rumors of the friction forming a gap in between.

Sandara flew back to South Korean to pursue further studies while controversies surrounding his contract prompted the transfer of Hero to another network.

After their split, their career paths took very different trajectories.

In 2010, Dara came back and they talked things out between them, they then agreed that they would be better off as friends.ah, why must YG keep denying? It was a major MAJOR laughtrip and she[Dara] even parodied "The Legal Wife"(a hit drama series here in PH) with Ryan Bang(a Korean actor with a Filipino heart). S Korean/International fans would REALLY have a hard time looking for funny subs of that episode.

it's all in the past anyway.i've watched Gandang Gabi Vice Dara episode, i'm disappointed that they have to cut all parts when Dara talked about GD and other things related to YG -_- even her interactions with Joseph were cut It's not a rumor actually..

2NE1's Dara was revealed to have returned to the Philippines and earlier today she filmed for a popular program called 'Gandang Gabi, Vice!