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After all, contacting someone is just a pre-cursor to the first date.

If this happens to you, wait a few days (continuing the email conversations) and then ask again.She was very nice and we got along well so I was willing to communicate but let her know I’d be talking to others while she gained comfort.This reason is acceptable, especially considering the hassle that some women end up going through when dating online.Another reason to delay would be if the person you are communicating with has expressed extreme reservations about meeting people from the internet.I once talked to a woman for two months before we met.You want to talk with them and if things go well meet them.

One common reason to delay a first date is due to an attempt to learn more about the other person. I found the first few minutes of the first date are worth more than dozens of emails.

You will be able to judge the situation better as you communicate: sometimes you’ll get a date on your first email, other times you may realize a few weeks of communication would be best.

I found that people will not be offended if you suggest a first date before they are ready.

It was so much fun to host and ‘talk’ with you virtually.

Do keep a look out for more Facebook live dates coming shortly. A quick date for your diary, be sure to save the date! And, it’s all about judging less and trying to keep an open mind.

You may even prefer to ‘meet men in real life.’ I’ve spoken to girls who refuse to online date because they feel men on sites…