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Hjaltadans on Fetlar is a ring of stones, although there are no true stone circles as such in Shetland.

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In response, Norwegian king Harald Hårfagre ("Harald Fair Hair") annexed the Northern Isles (comprising Orkney and Shetland) in 875 and Rognvald Eysteinsson received Orkney and Shetland from Harald as an earldom in reparation for the death of his son in battle in Scotland.O'Dell stated that "The treasure is the best survival of Scottish silver metalwork from the period" and that "the brooches show a variety of typical Pictish forms, with both animal-head and lobed geometrical forms of terminal".the fate of the previous indigenous population is uncertain.With one of the most established and fastest growing memberships in Shetland, we?re confident that you will be finding your matches in no time at all.I play my Xbox for downtime but my one true love is music,has been so far back as I Can remember,it has this magical affect on me.

Prehistoric Shetland refers to a period in the human occupation of the Shetland archipelago of Scotland that was the latter part of these islands' prehistory.

Coutts was helping visiting archaeologists led by A. O'Dell of Aberdeen University at a dig on the island.

The silver bowls, jewellery and other pieces are believed to date from approximately AD 800.

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Around it are the remains of houses, walls and cairns of the same period.