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Nikki sixx dating courtney bingham

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I sometimes think, maybe I’m wrong.” She goes, “What do you mean, you’re wrong? ” And I go, “Everybody loves cheese.” And I go, “I don’t get it.

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Feelgood,” which went on to become the band’s first No.1 album, and soared to new heights of rock stardom.The rest is history as detailed in 2001’s “The Dirt,” one of the most notorious rock autobiographies ever spilled.NIKKI: I think there was a huge connection to my photography and my studio. Or you have to try to have an understanding of, what does this mean? SF: They say a life well-examined is a life well-lived. SF: You can shine a light on these issues that society, as a previous interview said, still can’t deal with: people who are less than perfect, like the people you photograph in the book. Maybe my last breath, God’s gonna say, “OK, here’s some Zoloft, you’re good.” Until then, I think it’s not gonna be easy. I was in a recent show and I won’t name the city and I said to my singer — it was between songs — and I said, I f¤-¤-¤-¤ing hate this place! It might as well f¤-¤-¤-¤in’ be — it’s Ed Hardy land! I’m somewhere between William Burroughs, Hemingway and a high school dropout. Congratulations, by the way, on your 10-year [sober] mark. You know, I think that anything I do, I do with addictive behavior, and I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that I should get an award for that. In my heart, everything’s very exciting, very creative — and that’s, like, an ongoing thing. SF: You said misery drove you insane as a teenager, and it informed the imagery in the book, and I was wondering if you feel you have to suffer to be creative. I feel that if I just write that the sky is blue, it’s not enough. My studio, Funny Farm, is — some people call it a very dark place. As an artist, there’s this part of me that’s like, what does this mean? That I stand naked in front of the mirror and see that my body is tattooed from head to toe: What does this mean? NIKKI: I definitely love photography and enjoy it, and I think — I can’t promise you — but I think I might have gotten to a bottom of a wound. NIKKI: Such grandiose statements always backfire on me. NIKKI: It’ll just be a razor blade that will cut me later. NIKKI: I had a sad moment today sitting in a hotel room in New Orleans. I don’t know if it’s the learned behavior, or if I actually like to add the bits and piece to it that make it more substantial. He dedicated the book to his sister with Down syndrome, who he never knew.

Sixx will celebrate Motley Crue’s 30th anniversary at the Sunset Strip Festival in August, and will appear the same month for a speaking engagement at LA’s Annenberg Space for Photography.

On the eve of Motley Crue’s circus coming to town, Sixx talked to fashion editor Serena French about suffering for art, Alexander Mc Queen and why the old libertine would like to control what his teenage daughter watches on television.

SF: I was wondering, with the book out now for a couple of months, whether you had heard from other people having a similar experience with an institutionalized sibling. NIKKI: Yes, the stuff that I’ve seen is unbelievable. And even though I wanna be f¤-¤-¤-¤in’ Zen-Buddha-all-got-it-f¤-¤-¤-¤in’-together guy, I still love a fist fight.

I just don’t know if I’m cut out for this.” SF: Maybe you’re just tuned to the wrong channel.

The wedding was held at Beverly Hills venue Greystone Mansion, and is said to have had a gothic rock-meets-French countryside theme.

(The book was written with Motley Crue’s other members.) Since then, the band has enjoyed a resurgence with a younger audience, a hit album in 2008 and new hobbies to replace heroin.