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Updating contact information

Business Contact Manager for Outlook has adapted the Contact Card feature of Microsoft Outlook 2010 to include information specific to your business data.

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If you want to do this, you should create a forwarding address such as “[email protected]” that forwards to all the other addresses you want to use.You'll see a page that allows you to update the administrative, billing and legal owner contacts.If you aren't familiar with those terms, you should probably read about the differences between the contact types, as well as when to enter a company name for a contact.Then simply enter that “[email protected]” address on our form as the email address.Note that if you do this, each of the recipients will also be able to reset the account password and control the account that way.The Office of the Bursar regularly sends e-mails and other communications regarding important dates, payment reminders, and helpful payment option information.

The steps below describe how you can update your personal information and work contact information in NED as well as how to manage the receipt of optional Alert NIH notifications on personal communication devices.

You've received an e-mail message from a potential customer who is interested in some of your products.

From her message, you know that she was referred to you, and you have enough information to create a Lead record for this contact.

If you encounter any questions, please contact the Office of Research Services, Division of Emergency Management at (301) 496-1985.

) requires approval by your Administrative Officer (AO) before appearing in NED.

So you need to be sure that each person who gets it can be trusted to act as the administrator.