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The company was owned by management, venture capitalists, and Soft Bank.

We returned in late May to Sunnyvale, California, and began an intense two-month period of negotiation to craft what became the joint venture with Alibaba.The value of the shares bought then, in fact, makes up a big chunk of Yahoo’s value today, and the windfall from that purchase is what many hope will allow the company to remake its future.At the time, though, we were just in search of a new approach to building a sustainable business in that critical but often difficult market. In fact, you could say (and many did) that our previous attempts had failed, in that we hadn’t established a sustained market position.And so began that auspicious trip in May of 2005, in which Semel, Yang, Coppel, and I set out to meet dozens of business leaders and government officials over the course of a whirlwind week.Most of the companies we met with were publicly held, but Alibaba was still private.In some ways, the lessons ring with greater clarity nearly a decade on and might shorten the pathway to success for other business leaders seeking growth in China.

Build, Buy, Partner Yahoo’s forays into China started with a build strategy, which later became a buy strategy and ultimately morphed into a partnership strategy.

The idea was simple: Combine the best of both companies into the new Yahoo China, which was projected to generate more than $25 million in revenue in 2004.

We had 300 people — mostly local talent — and together we were reaching more than 50 million users each month.

3721’s core product was essentially an early form of search: a browser download that helped users in China go directly to destination web sites.

The company generated revenue from selling hundreds of thousands of Chinese language keywords for Latin alphabet domain names.

Yahoo China was launched in 1999 as a platform for email and instant messaging, translation of U. content (news, finance, weather) into two Chinese languages, and directory access to 20,000 web sites, an approach that the company had adopted elsewhere.